Allingham QUADCRATE® Ltd was founded while providing a creative solution to a real problem on a Farm in Garrison, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. We loved using ATV/Quads to get about the farm as it was easy to manoeuvre and could reach places that other heavier vehicles couldn't. We wanted to make the ATV/Quad more versatile in order to make farm tasks more manageable, thus saving time in the process. The product that evolved is called the QUADCRATE®.

ATV Attachments

Our ATV attachments and implements are made to make farming work easier and help them get the job done faster and more efficiently. Through time the product has been refined with several other attachments designed and made to further compliment the QUADCRATE®. These developments were made with true logic to perform tasks from unrolling sheep wire, to transporting a sheep, which opened up a whole new world of uses for the ATV/QUAD. This provided the key driver for the product and growth of the business.

ATV Bikes

The company has a strong Agricultural background and has practical experience of most situations that different Farmers face. After introducing an ATV/Quad some years ago, Allingham Farm saw the benefits that ATV bikes can bring, making it an essential tool on all their farms.

Since starting the business in May 2009, Allingham QUADCRATE® has enjoyed significant success in winning a variety of awards, including Eircom Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009, Eircom Best Rural Business 2009 and reached the Smarta 100. We also are receiving investment funding from the Princes Trust & Invest Northern Ireland, meeting all different types of people in the world of business. These have led to the exploration of Global Markets such as New Zealand to further develop our product reach.

Farming ATV Implements

By listening to customer feedback we are continuing to extend our range of complimentary attachments, so they are of the highest standard. We have now developed our products so that they are approved to BSI safety standards and are CE Approved. We will continue to have a customer service that will be comended as we want to maintain a close relationship with all the people who have bought QUADCRATE® attachments.

Nowadays everyone and every business is under pressure to make the most efficient use of their time. The QUADCRATE® and associated attachments will save you multiple days over the coming years, by unlocking your ATVs potential. Please call us now and join the QUADCRATE® World. 0044 7736177626.


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