Hillcrate Package

Hillcrate Package
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Hillcrate Package

Hillcrate Package

The HILLCRATE which is new, to the QUADCRATE® product range was designed for 2 major roles when it attached to an ATV, one is for safety as it acts as a rollcage if anyone tumbles an ATV. The second role is to enable safe small carrying of a small animal i.e. 1 mountain sheep or 2 dogs etc., it can also be used to carry a range of other objects.

We focus on selling the HILLCRATE to Farmers with very hilly ground, where tumbling an ATV is most likely to happen, it gives the ATV operator more of a chance to walk away from an accident. The HILLCRATE will stop the ATV rolling on top of the operator so that he/she won't be crushed by the bike, this has been a major problem in the past and has caused many deaths.

The HILLCRATE can be used on any type of terrain and has different features as a wheelie bin can be hooked on the back and the gates come off when not needed and can be latched on the front and back of the HILLCRATE so when they are needed they are there. These gates fold down as seen in the photos to aid with lifting a small animal into it and with a gate each side you can put the animal in one side and out the other.

We design all our products to be as practical and as useful as they can be as our team has a world of agricultural experience but our main objective is to keep ATV operators safe while increasing workrates per day. If the HILLCRATE even saves one life, it was worth designing and it has already.

  • 1 x Hillcrate
  • 1 x Front Postholder
  • 1 x Front Toolbox


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