Our Products

If you are considering investing in a Quadcrate package please watch our 20 minute DVD. This DVD will help you understand what you can achieve with Quadcrate in your life. All our products are CE approved. All our products are made in the UK.

Quadcrate® products are designed to make life easier & safer for ATV operators..

The Quadcrate® products are made to help increase productivity when using your ATV, if more can be achieved then it would be wrong not to cash in on it. The Quadcrate® attachments gives you the operator, the power to control and manage your day and help you gain higher work rates. Higher work rates = more profit.

Having the ability to carry certain loads up to 60kgs on your bike safely, is a great advantage to have, a trailer is great for carrying bigger loads, but effects the handling of the bike when on difficult or hilly terrain as is causes drag. A trailer has its own role and so does the Quadcrate® attachments, which are designed in a way to accommadate for when a trailer is needed.


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