7 Day free trial

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We at Allingham QUADCRATE LTD understand that, how you spend your business budget, is very important, particularly in these difficult times, therefore we are offering the opportunity of a 7 day FREE trial.


This offer allows you to really understand by experiencing first hand, how the QUADCRATE products can work for you and how they, can save you time and money when used effectively.


We are always good to our neighbours, so if you live in Co Fermanagh and you are interested in one of our packages, we can arrange a Free fitting service, leaving your Free trial no hassle. In the slim chance that you feel the products are not for you, please wash the products and we can arrange for the them to be picked up. Free Free Free


Should you wish to try before you buy and take advantage of our 7 day free trial our terms are as follows:


• You agree to paying the shipping costs to receive the products.


• If you decide to keep the products you complete your purchase by paying online or by cheque on the 8th day.


• After the 7 day FREE trial, should you decide that the products are not for you ,pay the shipping costs back to Alingham QUADCRATE LTD or to our nearest Dealer.


We are confident, you will immediately see and feel the benefit of the QUADCRATE products in your business, to see how the QUADCRATE attachments has benefited other business men & women take a look at what they’ve had to say! LINK TO TESTIMONIALS