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Hi William, QUADCRATE going well. Worked really well through lambing time. Great product

Paul Holmes Cumbria

Pal Holmes

Here is another testimonial from a customer who bought a Lambing package last January
Great wee job. Don't wanna think about lambing without it. Even puts manners on some of my mad lanarks. Well pleased

Dominic Black Sheep Farmer

Dominic Black

Testimionial from Co Mayo

I purchased the Lambing/Fencing package a month back and are finding it a great buy, the fencing equipment we are using at the moment is proving its worth and if its fit to stand the pressure here it will stand the pressure anywhere. I will look forward to using the Lambing equipment near to the Lambing season. Great job if you need me to speak to any close to sale customers, not a problem give them my number.

Sean O'Malley, Westport

Sean O'Malley

Testimonial from Co Leitrim

I purchased 2 Postholders with toolbox along with a quadcrate and wire unroller and are very satisfied with their performance so far. The quadcrate and wire unroller are great for me as i am a one man team and it gives me full control of unrolling sheep and barbed wire. I can get alot more done in the day with less stress. The postholders are great too, they give me, needed and safe carrying capability. Well Pleased.

George McMaster Manorhamiltion

George McMaster

Testimonial for the Lambing Package from Argyll, Scotland

Hi William,

Thanks for getting in touch yesterday.The quadcrate is great.I'm glad I got the front post holder .I can see it will be a real benefit when I need to take the cage off the back to just put it on the post holder.Also very clever design to turn cage upside down to make transport box.I'd be happy for you to give my details to the man from Glasgow .If he gets in touch I will only have good things to say about your products.
All the best

William MacKinnon

William MacKinnon

Allingham QUADCRATE Butterfly Testimonial

We at Crainnte Forestry are a private forestry company covering the Northwest of the country we use the QUADCRATE Butterfly a product of Allingham QUADCRATE which they modified & specially engineered to our requirements for transporting trees and fencing material in and out of forestry plantations. We highly recommend this product it is durable, reliable and once adjusted to our needs, very suitable. In having this QUADCRATE product, it has reduced our labour time with great efficiency, to carry out, day to day forestry operations. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Shane Mc Nulty, Crainnte Forestry, Co. Donegal

Shane McNulty

QUADCRATE testimonial

Hello Willie, just started lambing on Thursday and the QUADCRATE Package has been great, I have it on full time now and its with me when its needed. It is taking away alot of the stress and so far i haven't lost any lambs, I am really pleased with it.

Shaun Boyce of Letterkenny

Shaun Boyce

Hi William

I got the quad crate 2 years ago and i would just like to write a testimonial.
From the day i received the quad crate supreme package 2 years ago, i have found it most useful and durable. In fact, it has completely changed what i can do with my 4*4. It is hard to imagine how we managed without it as i do not have a tractor for my system of Farming. It durability is a testament to the quality of the product as i have not had to replace one part to date. Its perfect for the type of small scale production that is the basis of my farming system.
Below is what Tommy received, the full Supreme package, they promise to help any man or woman carry out their everyday tasks with ease, especially a one man/woman band.

Tommy Reidy Co Kerry

Tommy Reidy

Nice little testimonial from Scotland

Hi William here is our testimonial on the quad crate . The quadcrate has greatly advanced on what we can do with the quad around the farm. At lambing I didn't imagine how great a help it could be. It even made the job less stressfull for man and beast cheers

Roger MacPherson Inverness

Roger Macpherson

Another testimonial from the Isle of Skye thanks Donnie

Purchased a lambing and fencing combo package in 2014 and it was money well spent. The lambing package is not just for lambing time, I use it all the time for feeding , moving hay from croft to croft and shed to shed. I live on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland where the ground is rough and boggy and very hilly, so buying this product was a risk but it was a risk worth taking. I can take the crate almost any where I need to go from taking fencing material out the hill and taken feed out and even taking sick sheep in off the hill. If you are sensible and load your quad evenly and know the ground where you are going and find the safest route, with common sense you will get there. Would recommend any off the products well worth the money. Time saving and better than a trailer. Well done to Willie for inventing it and wish him all the success as he deserves it.

Donnie, Isle Of Skye

Donnie Bruce

Testimonial from east Teemore Co Fermanagh

We are delighted with the new design On the Allingham quad crate,it has been very useful for a lot of different farm tasks especially as We have been doing a lot of fencing over the past few weeks and We have been using it every day.We used to pull a small trailer behind the bike which was far too dangerous on hilly ground.We are more than pleased with the quad crate and the new design and won't be returning to towing a trailer behind the quad again.It is excellent value for money and We are very impressed with the after sales service. It's brilliant that this unique product has been invented in Ireland, and We wish William and His Company continued success into the future...

Robbie Kells Sheep merchant

Robbie Kells

Hi William.

After Purchasing the quadcrate fencing package it has made fencing much lighter work, we have used it on some very rough terrain on Dartmoor, It allows you not only to carry your tools but you can also carry fencing materials as well.
With the toolbox on the front that keeps the smaller tools from disappearing when travelling across the rough terrain to get to the fence line. Also the netting and barb wire unroller on the back is well designed and works perfect. This package not only speeds up the erecting of fences it makes light work of it as well. See some of my photos below.

Amos Cole Fencing, Devon

Amos Cole

The quadcrate lambing package was an amazing piece of kit for us as we do all our lambing outdoors and sometimes need to bring in ewes and lambs from outdoor pens. It was really easy to use and much less stressful for sheep and shepherds! Previous lambings we have had a quad towing a small 6ft trailer.The quadcrate is less stressful on the ewes as they aren't being bounced around in the trailer, it is more fuel efficient and doesn't mark on soft ground. It is time saving because you could keep it on the quad and weren't going backwards and forwards to get the trailer. They could park the crate next to the outdoor pen put the lambs in the crate, the ewe hopped straight in and then the lambs go in the lambbox for easy transport back to the building with the same procedure in reverse and no struggling with the sheep at either end - brilliant! The lamb box was great because it was big enough for all the equipment needed during the day and to put in a couple of decent sized lambs. Also without the cage on the back we could easily transport pens out to and around the lambing fields.
All in all a really good purchase.
kind regards
Carol and Leslie

Leslie and Carol Morris

I have had the QUADCRATE now for 3 weeks and there is only one word for it Tremendous!!! Everyday i find another good use for it.

Colin McClymont

Having recently purchased a QUADCRATE Lambing package, i find it makes those everyday chores so much easier, moving sheep/lambs, bringing small square bales to feeders and transporting stakes to name a few. What i really like about the product is, that its so easy to manuver compared to having a trailer behind. I can see many uses for these products, I'm delighted with my purchase.

Colm Moyles

" Saw the QUADCRATE products at the ploughing in Athy last September, and thought it would be useful round the farm. Purchased the Lambing package and its a great asset to the Farm and to me as my quad is used alot more now to do jobs as its fast and handy. They defiently save time and give you more options when using your bike, very happy with it. "

Derek Forde, Cattle Farmer, Co Galway

" We saw the QUADCRATE products on the Farmer Journal, and heard Allingham QUADCRATE was attending a show in Millstreet Co Cork. We travelled down just to see it, and were very impressed, so we purchased a Lambing package, feeding calves and moving them around the farm is simple now, it can hold anything and is on the back of the bike when you need it. I would give these products 9 out of 10 our bike is more versitle."

Arosia Maher Dairy Farmer Co Tipp

" The first time i saw the QUADCRATE products i thought they were marvellous they looked so well on the bike on show and i could see how it would be useful to me. I ordered a Lambing Package plus an extra Post holder and its great, we keep alot of horses here and feeding is a breeze as i can fit all on the bike now. With the extra Postholder i can attach and detach my sprayer in seconds. "

Syl Burke, Sheep Farmer and Horse Trainer

" William asked me to trial the products so i took a lambing package. Well its the best thing we ever had, we only have a quad a few years and it had its roles, but we are able to do nearly do all our work just using the Quad and QUADCRATE. My Dad now is able to feed the horses with ease and carry a sheep from the back of the hill on his own before this he would have been ringing me to help him. Very happy with it. "

David Frazer, a Cattle and Sheep Farmer

" A robust and excellent 'tool' to expand the versatility of the larger quad. This makes it more than just 'the farmers legs' and for our use at Killary Adventure Company it has many roles: towing boat trailers - extracting wood - moving adventure equipment around - general maintenance work. We look forward to further additions to the range. "

Jamie Young Killary Adventure Company

" Saw this Quadcrate at the Welsh machinery show and was very impressed with what we saw Decided to buy and after putting the Quadcrate on the back of the bike and the post holder on the front it is the most useful attachment on the bike. Folding the back up we use the sheep snacker hooked on the ball hitch and when down it carries all the sheep out from the shed and some problem ewes home from the mountain. "

Aled Jenkins Sheep Farmer Wales

" I saw the quadcrate products at the Ploughing championships in Athy and thought they were a good job, so i thought i would buy a lambing package. I have found it to be a great asset when feeding my sheep on hilly ground and in doing general farm work as the quad is quick and i can get jobs done faster. A sound investment so far. "

Mike Mulgrane Ennis Co Clare Sheep and Cattle Farmer

" I was so excited when I saw the QUADCRATE® carrier (s) at the ploughing, I knew it was exactly what I needed. Being a sheep farmer with a disability and wanting to be more helpful around the farm with my Honda ATV, I am delighted I made the purchase. It has proved a huge success especially in the snow for feeding the sheep and lambs. There is less use for a trailer. "

Mary Graham, Sheep Farmer, Gorey, Co Wexford

" The QUADCRATE® carrier (s) fitted to my bike has made my honda alot more versitile as with being able to carry substanial loads from a to b with out the need for a trailer has saved me effort and time, the Quadcrate should sell well."

Martin Breen, Fuel distributor, Newry

" My bike has become more and more important to the everyday running of my farm and with the Lambing package attached to my quad it is the most important tool and i just couldn't do with out it, i save more and more time everyday and i feel im also covering more ground, I also train sheepdogs and the sheepcage is perfect i can see these products doing very well. "

Alastier Lyttle, Sheep Farmer and Dog trainer, Pettigo

" The QUADCRATE ® carrier (s)has made life alot easier for me when feeding sheep in the wet weather along with other jobs as i can travel with loads without the fear of bogging the bike in some very wet areas on my farm. I find it to save me time also as i get red up sooner than before when using a trailer, i look forward to using everyday, Great Invention. "

George Dyer, Sheep Farmer, Kilkenny

" I saw the Quadcrate at Cavan show and thought it was a usefull looking idea, after some thought i decided i would purchase the Lambing package with the small cage and it has proved very useful round my yard for doing numerous jobs, as I'm an older man and the quad is my transport tool and i find i can still do alot of jobs on my own."

Rodney Wilton, Pig Farmer, Cavan

" I saw the Quadcrate products in the paper and thought they could help me out with my fencing business, and i was right. Since the reccession started to hit the fencing end of things have got quiet so there hasn't been enough work for 2 men, but with the Quadcrate fencing products fitted to my bike i have great comfort in carrying out larger jobs on my own, i would reccommend them to all fencing contractors, great job will. "

Hugh Gilmore, Fencing Contractor, Kilrea

" I saw the products and thought it would be of great use to the family over lambing time, i purchased the Lambing package and it really did do its job, i even lambed a few ewes in the Sheepcage when the pressure was on, the bike has so many more uses than it did before and even after lambing i continue to use it round the farm as the quad can go anywhere. "

Ray Crawley Sheep Farmer Co Mayo

" I went to the neighbours farm the Crawleys and saw the Quadcrate implements and so I purchased a Quadcrate, Sheepcage and Post holder before the lambing took place and found it to be of great use to me, as areas on my hilly farm i could not get to with the trailer on i had no problem with these products attached, the lambing was definantly made easier as the bikes potenial can really be utilized. "

Micheal Mulchrone Sheep Farmer Co Mayo

" We purchased the Quadcrate, Sheep cage and Post holder for our outdoor rare breed pig farm. They have transformed the abilities of our quad and makes feeding the pigs far easier with the extra feed we can now carry. We often use the sheep cage for moving piglets around the farm which has generally left our quad trailer redundant. The customer care is second to none. "

Gavin & Fidelma Goodman, www.macneanfarm.com

" The Quadcrate, Post holder and Wire unroller i purchased has made my work a whole alot easier as planting trees and fencing is the business i'm in. I was able to put up 500 metres of sheep wire with 2 stands of barded, in less than 3 days no problem with two people helping, the Wire unroller makes little work of unrolling both sheep and barbed wire allowing more time to get the wire strained and steepled, great job worth every penny. "

Maurice Law Fencing Co Fermanagh

" Great job when out fencing the wire unroller is very handy with 2 men fencing i can cover more ground in a day than preivously leaving the job more profitable, the Post holders are great they hold almost anything and can handle plently of posts men should have thought of these products long ago. Looks like a product that will last too, thought it a bit expensive but you save so must time, it works out cheap. "

Geraldine from Pettigo

" I have found the Quadcrate plus Sheep cage to be a great product as it gives me more options and is alot handier than putting on and off a trailer all the time. Better traction is also achieved as i have tested my bike up the hills of Kerry on my farm weight does need to be put on the front but this is easily managed well done Willie. "

Mike Sullivan Sheep Farmer Co Kerry

" Since designing the Quadcrate and using it over the last 3 years it has revolutionized working on my farm as my quad and Quadcrate with added attachments is the extra man i need to carry out all tasks involved, i can lamb 450 ewes outside on my own and achieve 150% lambing percentage as i can access everywhere and almost reverse into sheep pens leaving less pulling and horsing of ewes saving energy. "

Geread Sheehan Sheep Farmer Co Kerry

" Definatly worth having on your quad, its with you where ever you go, the wire unroller is a great attachment paid for itself in a week, suprising how well a quad can pull sheepwire, the Wire tensioneer pulls it straight, fencing contractors should love it, well thought up. "

Oliver Tearney - Sheep Farmer

" I'd recommend anyone who has a quad to consider getting a Quadcrate. Its amazing all the things it can carry and you can bring it places you'd never access with a trailer. I found the sheep cage particularly useful, I wouldn't face another lambing season without it. "

Liam Gallagher - Sheep Farmer

" Great job, has made me get twice as much out of my quad since getting a Quadcrate with added attachments i put up 600 metres of sheep wire on my own in 3 days, this i could never have done before, hardly even with 2 men. Definently worth the money and with all galvinisied its going to last me a long long time, Great invention, using it right now actually. "

Fencing contractor/ Farmer Derek McClaine

" Fantastic product, very intruitive and ingenious. It has helped speed up my work and reduce some of the workload, honestly I couldn't be without it, awkward places are not a problem with this product, worth every penny when ya see how much time it saves. "

Pheasent farmer Hilton Millar

" Great products the Quadcrate has made my jobs easier to carry out on my farm out as it can hold everything i put on it, now i have more options, do tasks quicker and can get to places now with considerable loads, weight does have to be put on the front when you have over 100kgs on the back but this is not a problem as the post holder on the front can hold plenty of weight so that the quad is more balanced. "

Sheep Farmer Sean McGovern

" I've had great comfort since puchasing the Quadcrate and Wire unroller as they have made my fencing occupation so much easier on me and also speeded up my work rate as i'm always saving time since getting this great piece of kit, unrolling the wire a doddle now before this it was time consuming, thought it a dear price at the start, but i've saved it on labour in 2 weeks, should do very well. "

Fencing Contractor Jimmy McGovern