Royal Welsh Show – Best in Europe

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The Royal Welsh show was another great success for the Quadcrate ideas as loads of interest was gathered from people from different countries ie Switzerland, Denmark, Poland and Spain along with further interest from more locals Irish, Scottish and English. This Show is the best Europe I heard several people say, and so Wales can be proud of the crowds they pulled in.

With walking round there was a great atmosphere and the crowd was full of people who were enjoying their holidays and observing all there was on display, which was very impressive.

The QUADCRATE® carrier (s) products went down well with the Welsh who i must say are a friendly bunch and easy talked to, with a lot of hill farms around they could definitely could see the benefit of having the like of the Post holder on their bike. The Royal Welsh is a tremendous show.

I would like to thank John, Dywhnne, Andrea, Rupert and Gwynfor for all their help and also say thanks to Yamaha for letting me stand in with them on their patch.