Q What are the Sheep Hurdles for?

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A: The Sheep Hurdles are for aiding an out door lambing farmer to catch a ewe thats after lambing and her 2 lambs need to be brought home to the farm due to wintry conditions or a hard lambing. I position my quad quite close to where the lambs are, take off the hurdles which i carry on the front post holder and make an L shaped pen using the quad as a boundary, I then put the lambs into the pen and leave one of the hurdles open and when the ewe circulates the pen trying to get to her lambs she will eventually enter the pen rejoining her siblings and i then go over nice and quietly and close the hurdle and have the ewe penned. I then reach into the pen put my lambs into the lamb box and put my ewe into the sheep cage and continue back to the farm with great comfort. Simple!