Sheep Hurdles

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Heavy duty Sheep hurdles are essential, to catch some ewes when lambing outside, as 60% can be caught quite easily, but some fitter ewes can waste a lot of time and energy in catching them, as the lambs need to warmed up after a hard lambing or if born in cold conditions.

The Heavy Duty Sheep Hurdles are made of 20 x 20 x 2.5 box sections, with a mesh bottom, we make our hurdles with a top lid so that they don’t come apart on uneven ground, unlike most hurdles .

The hurdles are used to create an L shape pen beside your quad,  put the lambs into the penned area and leave a hurdle open so the ewe will see her lamb/lambs and basically walk into the pen,  then walk over quietly and close the the gate and the sheep is caught with little effort. Then lift the lambs and put them into the lamb box, and put the ewe into the Sheepcage and go back to the farm giving the lambs a better chance of survival, and ensuring both the ewe and her lambs a safe and non stressful ride home. The Sheep hurdles are fitted to the Front Postholder so as well as catching the ewe effectively they also provide weight for the front of the quad when riding over hilly terrain. Dual purpose.

Price: £45 Sheep Hurdles Galvanised

Price: £35 Sheep Hurdles Painted

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