Sheep Cage

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The Sheepcage fits on top of the QUADCRATE® and is a comfortable way to transport a ewe, calf, goat, pig or dogs from A to B and has a gate on both sides so the animals can go in one side and out the other. It can also be used to carry sticks, turf, grass off your lawn and extra fence posts as the gates can be removed. The Sheepcage can also be easily attached and detached by removing 4 c-clips, so loads can be taken off easily.


A lid for the Sheepcage is available on request so that when transporting lively animals i.e. dogs they cannot escape.


The Sheepcage can also be attached to the front by hooking it onto the Front Postholder which can then be used to carry extra loads i.e. small square bales and also provide extra weight to the front when climbing very steep terrain. Its important to load the bike up properly keeping it balanced at all times, as this will ensure safer handling for you and your ATV.


With having the QUADCRATE® and Sheepcage on the back of your ATV means that you have a way to deal with certain situations like .i.e. bringing home a sick or deceased sheep/calf this means you don’t have to waste time fetching a trailer. Our QUADCRATE® attachments are time saving devices.


Price: £252 SheepCage Galvanised

Price: £222 SheepCage Painted

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