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The QUADCRATE® is a foldable load carrying device. When fitted to an ATV it allows the operator to carry varying items with ease, reaching areas that would otherwise prove difficult if using a trailer as an alternative. The QUADCRATE® was originally designed for use in the agricultural sector, however has proven to be a valuable asset in many other industries such as Equine, Forestry and Landscaping. Further products have been designed and engineered to complement the QUADCRATE® and have resulted in reducing labour & fuel costs, as well as maximising workrate.


The QUADCRATE® is fitted onto the tow ball of the ATV and is kept in position via the innovative Suspension bracket which is fastened to the back bale rack, which allows  movement of the quads suspension system which ensures continued comfort for the operator when carrying a load on the QUADCRATE®.


We have also designed the Suspension bracket to allow for the quick attach and detaching of the QUADCRATE® which can be performed in seconds, so little time is wasted if you want to tow a trailer heavier than 300kgs, when it is advised to take the QUADCRATE® off.


The option of folding up the QUADCRATE® and the hitch being available to attach a trailer is a great time saver. Once folded up 2 c-clips are put into position on each side of the QUADCRATE® and the very important Hitch-bolt is then screwed in at the bottom of the tow-ball on the QUADCRATE® . You can be ready to tow a trailer in a matter of seconds.


We at Allingham QUADCRATE® Ltd dont deny how useful a trailer can be when carrying loads but we believe that there is a role for both a small trailer and the QUADCRATE® attachments on any farm utility ATV. Both will help you maximise your ATVs potential in ensuring quicker ways to move different material or objects. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of our QUADCRATE® products verses a small trailer.


Our customer feedback has suggested the following uses:


The Extension bar on the QUADCRATE® has the great ability to keep larger loads more steady, or in position. The Photographs below show how the bar is held in position with 2 c-clips with different settings available, which work well when carrying loads like small square bales or sheep troughs.


Silage can also be carried loose in large amounts with the Extension bar at its first setting. This is very useful when feeding cattle in different sheds.


Pairing sheep’s feet is simplified with the QUADCRATE® to hold sheep upside down as seen on the DVD.  Pairing Sheeps feet can put a lot of strain on a persons back when carried out the normal way, the QUADCRATE® leaves the job not as physically demanding.


Moving sheep ring feeders and sheep creep feeders is quite a task when on your own, but with the QUADCRATE® at hand these become simple tasks with your quad.


To see how the QUADCRATE® and associated products can assist you, have a look at our DVD.


Price: £444 QUADCRATE® Galvanised

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