QUADCRATE® Highland Package

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The Highland Package is aimed at Farmers who have very hilly ground, who need to be able to access these areas to look after their livestock. When Lambing on hill farms, higher destinations are needing to be reached and quad towing a trailer can only go so far, but with the QUADCRATE  Highland Package alot more difficult areas can be accessed, ensuring needy livestock can be attended to.

The Sheep Hurdles are 4ft long with a mesh bottom and have catches both on the top and bottom to ensure they don’t come apart, which makes them different from other hurdles.

Highland Package consists of:

  1. 1 x QUADCRATE
  2. 1 x Sheepcage
  3. 1 x Front Post Holder
  4. 1 x Back Post Holder
  5. 1 x Lambox Kit
  6. 1 x Sheep hurdles (3)
  7. 1 x Front Toolbox

This package is suited to Hill farmers in the UK and parts of Ireland, to help with the everyday running of a Hill farm. The ATV is a very important tool and with the QUADCRATE Highland Package fitted will make your bike 200% more versatile once you have tried these attachments they can’t be done without. You have all you need to be able to solve most situations as the gates can be set up to catch a ewe after lambing (see Catching ewe video) and if a lamb is cold the Lambox can be used as an incubator by using a spot lamp on the bike. All these things aid ,to achieve higher lambing percentages, the more lambs you keep alive the higher the profit.

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QUADCRATE® Highland Package: £1280

QUADCRATE® Highland Package