New QUADCRATE Product called the HILLCRATE launched

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Brand new to the QUADCRATE Product range the HILLCRATE is a glorified Back Postholder extended to allow the transportation of smaller animals along with many other items on hilly terrain. It also acts as a Roll-cage for the ATV to stop the bike rolling on top of the operator and to help minimize quad fatalities.


Below is some photos of the QUADCRATE HILLCRATE Package


The HILLCRATE Package consists of the following –


1 x Front Postholder

1 x Front Tool box

Total price £495 + vat (£99) = £594 all in or

 640 euros+ vat (128 euros) = 768 euros all in 

640 euros with valid vat no.

This Package will allow Farmers on very hilly terrain carry small loads securely including a sheep, new born calf or 2 dogs if need be along with bags of meal and buckets etc. A wheelie bin can also be transported by hooking it on the back of the HILLCRATE so photos

The fold down doors allow easier insertion of a small animal and can also be taken off if stakes/posts etc need to be carried, the doors also fit neatly on the inside of the HILLCRATE when not needed to allow them to be available at any time.

The Front Roll bar is padded incase of an accident, I cant stress enough that at all times a Helmet should be worn when riding your quad as they are very dangerous when not handled properly.

The HILLCRATE will be available in early January and we will also be attending different shows please visit our website soon to find out which shows we will be doing.

Please ring or email if you have any questions about this product and its availability Mobile: 00447736177626